Pineapple Pastry

This was my first attempt to make a pastry. although it did not look perfect, it tasted perfect. I was very excited to taste this home made...

This was my first attempt to make a pastry. although it did not look perfect, it tasted perfect. I was very excited to taste this home made pineapple pastry. Make sure you read the "my notes" column so that you can avoid the mistakes i made and make a perfect looking and a perfect tasting pastry.


Pineapple cake - 1 (without tutti fruity)
Sugar Syrup – 4-5 tbsp
Sweetened Whipped Cream - as needed
Fresh pineapple cut into cubes for decoration.


Cut the pineapple cake into half horizontally. Take out the top layer and keep it aside. Sprinkle sugar syrup all over the lower portion of the cake so that it gets soaked evenly. Do not add too much of the syrup as the cake will get soggy. Now add the whipped cream on the cake and spread it evenly. I have not mentioned the quantity of cream needed here as it depends on the size of the cake you are making.

Now arrange the top layer of the cake and place it on the cream layer. Repeat the process by adding the sugar syrup all over the top surface of the cake. Then apply the whipped cream and spread it evenly. You can spread the cream on the sides of the cake as well and cover it completely.

Arrange the pineapple cubes(I dint have it) on the top layer and decorate it as per your choice. Refrigerate it for at least 4 hours till the cream sets well.

My Notes

ü  I cut the cake into two portions as my cake was a small one. If the height and size of the cake is big then you can make two horizontal cuts in the cake and divide it into three pieces and follow the same process of adding the sugar syrup and whipped cream.

ü  Sugar syrup can be made by adding around 2 tsp of powdered sugar with 4 tsp water. Just mix it well and check for sweetness. You can add more sugar if you wish to.

ü  Whipped cream: You can buy ready made whipped cream and add powdered sugar to it or you can beat the fresh cream and turn it into whipped cream. Take a can of heavy fresh cream in a bowl and whisk it till it forms soft peaks. Make sure the fresh cream, the bowl and the beater were all kept in the fridge for at least half an hour before starting to whip.

ü   Now add powdered sugar as per the sweetness needed and beat it further till it forms stiff peaks. Do not over beat it or it will separate and form into butter.

ü  Make sure you use whipping or heavy or double cream for whipping. Low fat creams will not form stiff peaks and cannot be used for icing purpose.

ü  I had low fat cream at home and hence my icing did not come out well although it tasted good which is why I am posting it here J


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